International Music Projects

International Music Projects

We collaborate with qualified professionals worldwide who undertake and carry out musical projects with children, adolescents, and adults.


Our programs are designed for people of all ages. The groups are organized according to age and musical instrument; there are classes for children, adolescents, and adults. The courses are organized to include explanations and practice as well as implementation of the theory and method of the academy.

Toddlers’ Introduction to Music

Program designed for children ages 1 to 3. Language, verbal expression, and motor skills are developed through song and exploration of instruments and educational games.

Children’s Level

Program designed for children ages 4-11. Instruction centers around song and rhythm, emphasizing verbal expression and a variety of motor skills, musical tuning, intonation, and interpretation.

Adolescent Level

Program designed for children ages 12-18. Instruction includes instrumental and vocal interpretation, strengthening musical development, with emphasis on expression and a reportorial variety.

Adult Level

Program designed for all who desire to use their free time learning to interpret their instrument, either for individual enjoyment or in a group setting.


Art in the purest sense is the expression of one’s interior self. Man through the ages has felt the necessity of using art as a universal language to express a given situation. But how to create art? How to express art? How to maintain it? How to use and benefit from it in society?

An artist is someone who produces art, practices art, and interprets art. In that way, as we achieve our artistic potential by producing, practicing, and interpreting art, our abilities grow and become refined.

Fundamentals and Chamber Orchestra

In this group you will be able to strengthen your technique with your instrument in a practical manner that at the same time will improve you as an instrumentalist. The student will take active part in large projects

with works carefully chosen by the teacher with the objective of proper practice and noticeable musical growth. Participants with complement their training with technical knowledge of their instruments and orchestration.

Choral Program

The voice is the only intangible instrument, making the process a challenge. In this group you will enjoy different types of music and you will be able to participate in experiences using different works. We will advance in fields such as vocal instruction, vocal technique, and solfeggio.

Repertory and Instructional Workshops for Teachers

Our personnel employs instructional techniques to share knowledge with other colleagues. In these workshops we offer successful tools for working with groups of students. Within our catalogue of workshops we have:

*Repertory workshop, workshop of relaxation and bodily expression, workshop introducing basic instruments, workshop of musical ensembles, and more.

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